Lumiere London: Day One – January 2018

Lumiere London: Day One – January 2018

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Me and my Hufflepuff friends!

I know I know, this post is massively behind the times because this event happened in January. In our fast paced world of sharing via the internets that was aeons ago but I still wanted to talk about it because it was SO fun and I mainly wanted to share images from it. I actually took my proper camera out instead of just using my phone which was wonderful!

For those that haven’t a clue what I’m on about, Lumiere London is an art installation that takes over the centre of London for one weekend each year and its focus is light. And it’s beautiful! I didn’t manage to go last year but this year I was determined to make it and my Husband and I managed to go to different bits of it across two nights.

This year there were installations on the South Bank, Westminster/Victoria, the West End, Mayfair, Soho and Kings Cross. We managed to see the ones on the South Bank on Friday night and ticked off various ones in the Westminster/Victoria, West End, Mayfair and Soho on the Saturday night. Because we saw SO many, I’m going to split this post into two posts so here’s day one!

Firstly, London, you were looking pretty damn fine on this cold January evening. You wonderful place, you.


This first installation was somehow (science and tech and stuff…) linked to the river. Various levels were being monitored and that then reflected what colour was being displayed in the bars on the side of the building. Pretty cool! The second installation was light sabers on the side of the Oxo Tower!



This one was made of plastic bottles! I thought they looked like jelly fish too, in a good way! The lights in the trees weren’t a separate installation, they were just pretty.


Now this triangular one was wonderful. It was fully interactive and the colours and the strength of them was dependent on the noise people were making around it, almost like a heat map but for sound. The more people laughed and talked, the more it lit up. It was also huge, there was 100 triangles I think and they must have been about 10 ft tall.



Ok, I cannot get this video to rotate to portrait for love nor money, but you can still see how the tower of the National Theatre was lit up and changing colour.


Click me to play!


The top of the Royal Festival Hall was lit up with these pyramids that went through every single colour on the spectrum each 60 minute period, it was really pretty and later in the might we saw it a deep orange but the view wasn’t good enough for a photo unfortunately. The front of Charing Cross station wasn’t actually an installation, it was just lovely looking and fitting for the occasion.



The London Eye was also displaying all the colours of the rainbow. It reminded me of it being lit up for the New Years Eve fireworks.


Ok, so err, funny story about this one. I do a battle re-enactment hobby and after an incident involving a white woollen coat, a bright red satin sash and a LOT of rain, the boys in my regiment may now refer to me as Raspberry Ripple… I may have got quite excited at finding this one and forced my Husband to take a photo of me with it too, which was quite a feat when I’m only 5 ft tall and the installation was REALLY high up! Also, my mediocre photography skills meant I couldn’t get a crisp, clear shot of this no matter what I tried so soz about that.


Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 09.32.40

Our final stop together for the night was at the Waterloo Vaults. The home of graffiti art, this cool tunnel leads to an incredible event space (our Work Christmas Party was there in 2016, v cool) and the installations here were 3 videos, Grey Matters, Santiago and Ruby. Oh and there was a Unicorn and I like Unicorns. The unicorn was smoking pot, obvs.


Click me to play!




Click me to play!






Although my Husband then had to head off to work (boo, night shifts) I headed back to my office to pick up my work bag. I’m very lucky that I work in the heart of the West End and that the installation in Leicester Square was a stones throw away so I headed there to get some pictures of what turned out to be my very favourite installation. A beautiful installation on the English Countryside. I took many photos, I am in no way sorry. The rotating butterflies were just beautiful!










Click me to play!






















All in all, it was a perfect evening wandering round finding as many as we could and we weren’t the only ones enjoying it, the whole place was heaving but it was fab to see so many people coming out, even though it was freezing, to appreciate the art and the interactivity of it.

It made me all the more excited to come back on the following day to see more of them. More about that another time.

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