Why I’ll never give up my love of Rock Music from my teenage years

Why I’ll never give up my love of Rock Music from my teenage years


There’s something about music that’s so powerful, it touches nerves and makes you really truly feel, in a way unlike anything else. It’s a constant in my life and, obviously, in the lives of millions of others around the world. From it’s use in film scores to background music on hold lines, it gets into almost every nook and cranny of every day life and it’s something that has the power to completely transport you to a different place.

I’ve grown up with a wide ranging taste in music thanks to my parents. We listened to the radio far more than we watched TV and their choice of station was Radio 2 which gave a mix of both older and more current songs. We also listened to a lot of CDs and records, especially in the car and thanks to my Dad, Led Zeppelin IV and Rumours by Fleetwood Mac will always be two albums I hold extremely dearly in my heart. They remind me of long car journeys with my parents and my childhood.

Nowadays I work in a media company who’s main focus is music and still listen to music as much as I can during my day to day life. My husband and I have quite different tastes in music so it’s nice when we find bands we both like and appreciate. I personally like a lot of folk music, American Country music and Indie music. I’m a big fan of singer song writers with acoustic guitars and I really enjoy listening to Classical music although my knowledge on the subject is limited. 80s music is always a hit with me too and I’m more than happy to listen to a lot what’s in the charts at the moment, I just like music.

But there’s one genre I will always love, it’s not a genre I keep up to date with all of the time these days, but rock music was such a big part of my teenage years that I keep going back to every now and then. A few years ago, due to a big conversation with about 7 other bloggers when I was really active in the blogging community, about the rock music of the mid-2000s, I built a playlist of over 200 songs (we were all on twitter naming bands that should feature, it was brilliant) and if I’m ever on a long journey, that’s the playlist I choose without question, it brings back so much nostalgia and they’re great driving songs!

I don’t know what it was about rock music but I always loved it, it was heavy, it was interesting and I just fell in love. I heard Evanescence’s single ‘Bring Me To Life’ at the age of 10, spent my 11th Birthday HMV voucher on their album ‘Fallen’ and from that point in I was hooked and I always will be but I think I will always remain hooked because for 8 years, it became my life.

My friends and I can’t deny it, we were the emo kids, the grebs, the wannabe goths and whatever other label is associated; that was us and our main thing that brought us together was a love of that kind of music. From Evanescene to Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance to Linkin Park, Sum 41 and Simple Plan, Rise Against and Green Day and hundreds more we were part of the 2000s rock scene and it was something we all did what we could to keep discovering.

Matt Tuck and Tim McIlrath, Sharon Del Adel and Amy Lee, Chester Bennington and The Rev (RIP to Chester and the Rev) were the posters on my wall that I idolised, all ripped from copies of Kerrang! magazine of course! Thanks to Limewire (lols…so illegal) and swapping CDs with friends, we had huge music collections on our laptops (and probably lots of viruses…) and loved discovering new bands and artists, it’s pretty much all we did. It’s something that I really don’t spend enough time doing these days but I don’t have the time or the close-knit, close by, friendship group where that was all we were doing.

School lessons, especially Maths I remember, were spent listening to the latest albums, break time every Wednesday was spent reading the latest Kerrang! and checking out the new gigs that had been put into the gig guide. What pocket/Saturday Job money we had was spent on weekly copies of Kerrang!, new CDs and gig tickets. We’d all get excited about getting new iPods or MP3 players for birthdays and Christmases and sharing headphones on the way to school to listen to songs as we walked along was the norm. It’s a world that sometimes I really, really miss.

I still remember going to Download for a day when I was 16 with one of my best friends and she and I had the most brilliant day in our denim skirts and band tees (I wore a Metallica one, until I bought a Disturbed one there and changed in time to see them perform). We were in our element there, we lucked out on the lineup and pretty much all the bands we liked that had been announced as playing and I will always remember seeing Disturbed live, who I was obsessed with at the time, it was utterly wonderful (especially as their set got extended due to Kid Rock being a no-show).

I wouldn’t say people who’ve only known me these past few years would be overly surprised at me liking rock/heavy music, especially some who I know from a hobby where a beer tent playing rock music is a common occurrence, but I don’t think people would necessarily think it of me on first impression these days because the fashion was the element of it all I was always too scared to get into and probably don’t really reflect at all these days.

It was a time of my life I look back on so fondly, granted as a teenager I often found some of these times the most challenging, but overall it’s a time I miss and the first chord of many songs will take me back there in an instant. I want that to stay with me forever which is why I will often go back to the albums of my youth and listen to them with such happy memories.

I know my story will be the same as hundreds of thousands of others that grew up in the UK in the mid-2000s but it’s such an intrinsic part of me that it’s something I will always, always hold close and always remember my very dear friends who were part of my every day during these years. I miss you guys and I miss hours spent listening to these songs together and playing Rock Band/ Guitar Hero literally overnight until we knew all the key combinations inside out, upside down and backwards. Except Dragon Force, that shit was difficult…

10 albums that were staples of my teenage years:

  • Evanescence – Fallen (2003)
  • Rise Against – Appeal to Reason (2008)
  • Disturbed – Indestructible (2008)
  • Fall Out Boy – From Under The Cork Tree (2005)
  • Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory (2000)
  • Avenged Sevenfold – Avenged Sevenfold (2007)
  • Green Day – American Idiot (2004)
  • Seether – Karma and Effect (2005)
  • Simple Plan – Simple Plan (2008)
  • Within Temptation – The Heart of Everything (2007)


Edit: After writing this post, I decided to head to Kerrang!’s website and see what’s going on and funnily enough, this post about Evanescence’s ‘Fallen’ album was one of the first articles I came across!


Disclaimer: Although it seems like it, this post wasn’t in fact, sponsored by Kerrang!, or anyone else for that matter.

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