The Underground Overground – My Husband’s Tube Challenge.

The Underground Overground – My Husband’s Tube Challenge.

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A bit of a different post type this time. I want to talk about the amazing challenge my Husband is undertaking to raise money for charity this year. Yes, I am biased but I also think it’s a pretty epic challenge and deserves for me to shout from rooftops about it because I’m really damn proud of him.

So what’s the challenge? Over the course of this year Aidan will be walking all 11 lines of the Underground in London, Overground. It’s approximately 343 miles and he’s aiming to do it within 1 year. You can see all the caveats, rules etc in the first post we put on the website we’ve put together for the challenge here.

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Along the way, he aims to raise money for The Children’s Society, a cause very close to our hearts. In July 2013, whilst on a family holiday in France with Aidan’s parents and sister, his younger brother Kieran drowned off the coast of France. Kieran was the kindest soul I’ve ever met, he cared deeply about everyone he knew and always wanted those around him to be happy. He was a quirky character who loved Doctor Who and Lego and seeing his friends, of whom he had many. He was only 16 years old.


Kieran’s belief of always doing what was right and always looking out for those around him, regardless of anything that could be deemed as setting them apart from society, is the reason we have always supported The Children’s Society in his memory as the values of that charity aligned so closely with Kieran’s own.

This isn’t Aidan’s first walking challenge in memory of Kieran, in 2015 Aidan and his Mum walked a Marathon around London, a challenge for both of them as they aren’t already super-fit, athletic types (sorry, guys!) but they completed it, even in scorchio weather and raised lots of money.

Dawn & Aidan
Aidan & his Mum part way round their Marathon walk in 2015

This year Aidan decided it was time to up the ante and increase the distance so instead of the one marathon, he’s going to be walking the equivalent of 13 marathons… It makes me tired even thinking about it…

The challenge started out nice and easily with a little 1.5 mile warm up together on New Year’s Day as we completed the ridiculously short Waterloo and City Line. Yes, all 1.5 miles of it! It was one line ticked off though and a good way to ease into the challenge. Since then Aidan’s managed to complete the Bakerloo, Victoria and Circle Lines and has one more ‘day’ line left to do- as in, he can complete the entire line in one go. So it’s off to Barking bright and early on Friday morning (hopefully, he’s been planning to do this walk for nearly a month now and life keeps getting in the way!) for Aidan as he takes on the Hammersmith and City Line.

The real challenge then starts as he tries to complete the longer lines over multiple days and still keep on track to finish by the end of the year. In Aidan’s usual words ‘It’ll be FINE!’, we hope.

So far he’s raised 57% of his target which for saying we’re only 4 months into the year is fantastic, and I’m confident he’ll be able to get up to the target before the end of the year.

I haven’t quite been sitting on my laurels during this time. Documenting the progress etc. and trying to spread the word about the cause via social media and our website is very much a two person (or more!) job so I’ve been heading that up whilst Aidan’s been putting one foot in front of the other. It’s been great to be able to get involved somehow and support him tangibly because me and my heart condition sure as hell can’t actually join in the whole thing, much as we’d like to. Aidan wrote about what a hindrance I am when I joined him for a training walk before the marathon in 2015. You can read about that comedy of errors here.

I also provide moral support and often turn up with tea! Sometimes I even bring cake! This week though, I’m probably joining in for the end of the line (only 7 miles, he thinks…) so we’ll see how well that goes!

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 20.59.11

Anyway, we’re doing what we can to keep our social media channels and blog ticking over between walking and writing up each time Aidan walks a line.

If you fancy keeping up with Aidan’s challenge you can find the website here, where there’s a post about each of the lines done so far and a couple of others to keep the content ticking along. You can also find the challenge across social media on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. I’m teaching Aidan how to do Insta stories before Friday, (I know, wild) so keep your eyes peeled for that if you’re an avid Instagram type.

Finally and I guess most importantly, if you’d like to support the cause by donating to The Children’s Society as part of Aidan’s fundraising efforts, we’d be extremely grateful. You can find Aidan’s JustGiving page here.

I’ll try and post the odd update on here from time to time to as it’s very much a big part of my life at the moment, in the best possible way.


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