I’m a 27 year old, living in Cambridgeshire. Pretty regular. I like things that a lot of 27 year old women like including nice shoes, cute coats, girl-power style anthems (thank you Little Mix), gin, cute puppies, Harry Potter, Ed Sheeran songs and scrolling through Instagram.

I also like a lot of things that 27 year old women are less associated with such as knitting, battle re-enactments and Classic FM. So y’know. Fairly average, bit weird. Learning to accept that it’s fine to be a bit weird.

Am I setting out becoming the next big thing in blogging? Absolutely not. No discredit to those that are, I 100% applaud you, I actually tried (and failed) at that a few years ago; I totally appreciate how hard it is and how much work it requires, even if the Baby-Boomers still think it’s ‘not a real job’. To those who are doing this, keep doing it, you’re all great! I tried too hard to blog for blogging’s sake which took the love out of it, which for me personally, I’ve realised is ok. It wasn’t the authentic me so I let that go.

Since then I’ve helped out on a few blogs for other people/organisations and kept up the love of writing. Overall though, I miss the pleasure of writing. I miss the pleasure of spilling emotions out onto a keyboard (I’m a millennial, after all…) and getting things off my chest in the only creative way I know how.

If you’ve come here expecting regular content, stunning photos with all the artsy-flat lays and posts about fashion, you’re more than welcome to read but I’m afraid you’ll probably be quite disappointed.

If you’re here because you want to see that you’re not the only 27 year old woman who has only a mild idea of what she’s doing but can give a good gin recommendation, that’s probably more what you’re going to find here. Welcome and thank you for coming to say hi.