Writing for…I’m not sure.

Writing for…I’m not sure.


It’s been a while but I’m back writing. But this time I’m not really sure what I’m writing about. All I know is that I really miss writing.

So here goes, firstly, since my last post, I’ve got a job, yay! It’s back in the Environmental sector but using my office skills which is pretty great and it’s part time, which was a reality I needed to face. Full time work was just too much, no matter how much I try and ignore my health.

Anyway, it’s a good job with lovely people and although it’s been a bit of a baptism of fire – that’s the downside that comes from working in a small team, I like the fact I’m working with people who value me, my skills and my input into my role. It’s refreshing to be told when I’m doing things well and not just made to feel like I’m never doing things well enough. I’m still my own worst critic but that wasn’t going to change overnight.

The move to Peterborough has been hugely beneficial for both myself and Aidan. We’ve had more time for ourselves and are really enjoying making our house a home. Overall though, we’ve made a really great bunch of new friends, something we haven’t really been able to do properly for 4 years. Thanks to joining the local church and associated house group, we’ve met a big group of people around our age and at a similar time in their lives to us so it’s really, really nice to have that support network.

We’re also enjoying the opportunities to explore a new part of the world, one neither of us has really had much connection with in the past. We’ve been up to Lincoln and across to Norwich and Thetford Forest amongst other things and will hopefully do more of that over the next weeks and months. You never know, I might even write about it!

Overall though, I know I want to write more, but I’m struggling to strike the balance between writing for me and just churning out the most boring and mundane things going on in my lovely but quite frankly nothing-particularly-interesting life. I have no need to commit the mundane to the metaphorical paper, but I miss sitting here and letting the words flow.

I’m hoping that soon I will find that balance that I need and create something I’m proud of, but also something that was purely for my own benefit first and foremost, not for the benefit of trying to gain some kind of following or recognition.

Firstly though, I think I need to create the time to just sit down with my laptop and even give myself the opportunity to see if I have anything to say. I’m not committing to anything more than creating the opportunity for now.

Even writing this has helped, it’s made the fire in my belly for writing burn a little brighter and made me think about what I want from this. It’s good, overall, things are pretty good.

Loneliness: Why as adults do we never admit when we’re lonely?

Loneliness: Why as adults do we never admit when we’re lonely?


When was the last time you heard someone say ‘I’m lonely’? You just don’t hear it do you, but from various conversations I’ve had about this over the last few years, everyone gets lonely. Humans as a species are made to live in groups, we’re not solitary creatures and it goes against our nature to live in such a manner. As with everything there’s an exception to every rule and there are some people who live completely solitary lifestyles and if that suits them, that’s fine by me. I’m not here to say they shouldn’t live like that at all, but it doesn’t mean that everyone else enjoys being alone.

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Spring is on the horizon

Spring is on the horizon


This weekend was the one where everyone has some kind of panic about not having enough sleep as the clocks go forwards but y’know what, I’m probably the one person who loves this weekend because hello lighter evenings and spring.

Yes we lose an hour of sleep and yes, I’m sleep’s number 1 fan but y’know in the grand scheme of things 1 hour isn’t too much. It won’t be the first time any of us have got 1 hour of sleep less than we intended and it’s likely not to be the last either so chill your beans people, we’ve all survived Sunday relatively unscathed without that extra hours sleep (I think, I’m not on social media at the moment so not really keeping up with too much but none of my closest friends have reported sleep-deprived accidents so far). Read more