A day in West London

A day in West London


West London is an area of London that I love, but have not had the pleasure of spending all that much time in as yet. I remember spending a lovely afternoon last September walking from South Kensington, around the Kings Road/Sloane Square area and through the back streets of Kensington back to Gloucester Road station before getting back on the tube to head home. Besides that and visiting museums and the Royal Albert Hall, I’ve not spent loads of time there but on Thursday I had the pleasure of spending the day there with my Mum.

My Mum’s been visiting for the week to use up her unused holiday from work so I collected her from an event we were both at in Coventry last Sunday and brought her back down to our home in Essex.

She’s spent the rest of the week pottering about, going to the Royal Academy Exhibition I wrote about here and exploring the National Gallery whilst I’ve been at work. On the Thursday though I took the day off and we had a whole day together.

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