Doing more of what you love

Doing more of what you love


Hello again, it’s been a while (again…). I am hopefully back for a little while at least with this blog.

For those that are new here, hello, welcome! It’s nice to have you here. I say that I’m going to get back into writing repeatedly, but never do, so we’ll see how long this lasts! I’ll let you into a secret though, I have actually got a lot more posts lined up already! So that’s all very exciting.

A bit about me, I’m in my late 20s, like gin, country music, rubber ducks, knitting, NFL, history, writing, photography, day trips and being outside. I don’t like octopus, people who are overly pretentious, tea, coffee, overly enthusiastic speed bumps and middle lane drivers. I think that covers the basics.

Anyway, over the past few months I’ve been doing a bit of unintentional soul searching. I needed to make some changes and therefore some things that have been a big part of my life are now taking more of a back seat to make way for other things.

One of those things being given more time is writing. I always say I miss it, but then I always drop it straight off my list of things to do in life, therefore it’s an endless cycle. I’ve decided I need to spend more time doing what I love and therefore writing is going to be higher on my priority list (top things currently: being a brownie leader, writing, eating cake, drinking gin and trying to grow my own veg. Bottom things currently: housework…). This time I have a bit of a longer term goal too. I’d like to work on my writing with the end game of actually doing it professionally. Maybe not as my full time work, but bits and bobs every now and then. I have long term dreams of eventually being a content writer for something like BBC’s Countryfile Magazine or maybe writing for one of the County Rural Life magazines etc. Somewhere where I can combine my love of Day Trips in the UK with writing. Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, I won’t know until I try.

I have to admit it’s thanks to my wonderful husband really that I’m back writing. He has now started his own travel blog. Aidan LOVES planes and trains, so he decided he also needed to spend more time doing what he loved and therefore he too has joined the online writing world, which is his excuse for more flights and train journeys! It was because of this that I’m back; he asked me to help with setting up and writing posts for his social media etc. I realised that I’d missed it far more than I’d let myself believe and after a bit of time, I wrote my first blog post in months (it was about our holiday last year, you can read it herepart 2 is here). You can find Aidan’s blog here, it’s called Flights & Times and is a mix of content, including reviews of train and plane journeys, write ups of previous adventures, destination reports of places we’ve visited etc.

I’m really proud of him because, he will admit it too, he’s not really had a hobby (apart from re-enactment, but that’s not really something to do at home of an evening) since leaving Uni and he’s been really consumed by work. I’m proud of how much he’s got to grips with his site, created his content and how much time and effort he’s putting into it. Overall though, I’m so glad to see him finding such enjoyment in it.

Anyway, thanks to helping him out, it sparked something in me to get this back up and running and really make an effort to keep it up this time. It’s something we can do together too! We try and travel by train on days out where we can, so this will provide content for both of us and although blogging takes a lot of time and effort (often more than people realise!), we’re writing about things that truly make us happy and therefore it feels like a joy and not a job.

I’m actually writing this post wayyyyy in advance of when you’re reading it, but we’ve got a lot coming up (that’s already happened?! I don’t know…) in May that we’ll both be able to write about. We’re off to Devon and Cornwall for 10 days and have an action-packed itinerary. We’re really lucky that we’ve got 10 whole days of things we’ll love to do, and so much of it will relate to content for both of us. I genuinely cannot wait!

So what’s coming up on here? Honestly, whatever I fancy, but I think it will be mostly trips out and about, it’s what I most love to write about and I also feel like I’m writing authentically, about stuff I really love, without just writing about the mundane adventures of my day-to-day, or forcing myself to write about things I’m not really that into.

I guess we’ll just see where the future takes us…

Writing for…I’m not sure.

Writing for…I’m not sure.


It’s been a while but I’m back writing. But this time I’m not really sure what I’m writing about. All I know is that I really miss writing.

So here goes, firstly, since my last post, I’ve got a job, yay! It’s back in the Environmental sector but using my office skills which is pretty great and it’s part time, which was a reality I needed to face. Full time work was just too much, no matter how much I try and ignore my health.

Anyway, it’s a good job with lovely people and although it’s been a bit of a baptism of fire – that’s the downside that comes from working in a small team, I like the fact I’m working with people who value me, my skills and my input into my role. It’s refreshing to be told when I’m doing things well and not just made to feel like I’m never doing things well enough. I’m still my own worst critic but that wasn’t going to change overnight.

The move to Peterborough has been hugely beneficial for both myself and Aidan. We’ve had more time for ourselves and are really enjoying making our house a home. Overall though, we’ve made a really great bunch of new friends, something we haven’t really been able to do properly for 4 years. Thanks to joining the local church and associated house group, we’ve met a big group of people around our age and at a similar time in their lives to us so it’s really, really nice to have that support network.

We’re also enjoying the opportunities to explore a new part of the world, one neither of us has really had much connection with in the past. We’ve been up to Lincoln and across to Norwich and Thetford Forest amongst other things and will hopefully do more of that over the next weeks and months. You never know, I might even write about it!

Overall though, I know I want to write more, but I’m struggling to strike the balance between writing for me and just churning out the most boring and mundane things going on in my lovely but quite frankly nothing-particularly-interesting life. I have no need to commit the mundane to the metaphorical paper, but I miss sitting here and letting the words flow.

I’m hoping that soon I will find that balance that I need and create something I’m proud of, but also something that was purely for my own benefit first and foremost, not for the benefit of trying to gain some kind of following or recognition.

Firstly though, I think I need to create the time to just sit down with my laptop and even give myself the opportunity to see if I have anything to say. I’m not committing to anything more than creating the opportunity for now.

Even writing this has helped, it’s made the fire in my belly for writing burn a little brighter and made me think about what I want from this. It’s good, overall, things are pretty good.



Alconbury Bridge

Hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! I’m not going to apologise, I am a little sad it’s been so long but I’m back and hopefully able to dedicate a bit more time over the next weeks and months to my writing, which excites me.

What happened? Well, life happened. I did really well churning out content in March and I was so happy with all that, but to be honest I’d given up social media and funnily enough had a lot more time on my hands *hangs head in shame* and I was in a proper routine. I went away in April which threw things off kilter and then at the end of the month some big changes happened. I’m not going into details but since then I’ve been metaphorically flailing around not quite sure what to do. I’ve had some pretty big emotions going on with it all too so it’s been hard, I’m not gonna hide that.

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The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 22.11.37

I’ve actually kept the post title of the WordPress ‘holding post’ they put on themes before you add your own. Part of me thinks it’s a really cliched title, but annoyingly, it’s also quite apt.

It’s not because anything is dramatically changing in my life right now, I’m not starting a new career, moving half way round the world or having a baby. I am, a little less dramatically, coming back to blogging.

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